Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 4: More Heroes

Thanks to the mighty ministrations of the Smurf the remaining three Advanced Heroquest heroes have been painted. As I picked up a copy of Mighty Warriors, a game that repackaged all the AHQ miniatures in a 'new' game I have duplicates of all 4 heroes, including a damaged (*sob*) Heinrich the Warrior, missing his trendy helmet plumage, as well as more skaven and henchmen figures than I will probably ever need. It also came with a Warhammer Quest Barbarian and minotaur, presumably to replace the damaged minis.

Without further ado, here are the 4 newly painted heroes:-
Sven Hammerhelm, Dwarf Warrior
Torallion Leafstar, Elf Archer
Magnus the Bright, Wizard
The Warhammer Quest Barbarian


Gunzhard said...

Oh yes! the blog, love the game. I'm so happy to see other people still playing this amazing game.

You might find this interesting:

ADP Films said...

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