Friday, May 11, 2012

Emma Fails the Turing Test

Talking to a live advisor on a delivery site to ask why the heck my parcel has taken 12 days to arrive I got the following 'wisdom':-

Welcome to Someone shall be with you shortly.

You are now connected with Emma

Stuart: Hello Emma.

Emma: Welcome to online. How may I help you today?

Stuart: I'm confused. I'm expecting a parcel delivered to me and the tracking lists it as:-

Stuart: 10/05/2012 19:08:22 NOM DAY Updated CUSTOMER Depot: CUSTOMER

Stuart: It's item # XXXXXXX

Emma: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?

Emma: I am extremely sorry about this.

Emma: The item is currently on it's way to the correct delivery depot Stuart.

Stuart: What depot is that?

Emma: We are not made aware of this unfortunately.

Stuart: So where is the parcel currently?

Emma: On it's way to the correct delivery depot as advised Stuart.

Stuart: How do we know it's the correct one if we don't know which depot it is?

Emma: I would advise you to keep checking the tracking.

Stuart: Agreed, though that doesn't say which depot it is at


Stuart: Ok, but we don't know which delivery depot :)

Emma: It would be the local depot to yourself, we would not know this until it arrives.

Stuart: ok. Thanks.

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