Monday, May 07, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 2

Firstly, rereading the rules for Advanced Heroquest the system is definitely Advanced for a boardgame! It's a cut-down version of classic WFRP, with d12s used instead d100s. I've managed to cull the majority of the player-size rules into this handy guide. (As an aside can someone let me know if this link works, others have reported issues. You can also get it here). With the combination of that and the GM Reference Sheet running the game should be a lot smoother. You'll probably also need A LOT of these:-

Ah, the D12, the Charlie Brown of RPG Dice!
Never have I bought you in such large quantities before.
AHQ also comes with rules for generating your own adventurers, as well as playing the Heroquest heroes (so you could play a spellcasting warrior high elf, though those are severely nixed in the rules). There are a smattering of new adventures and rules in White Dwarf, including stats for Gotrex, Felix and other novel characters.

To this end I've picked up a few extra pieces to represent new heroes and henchmen:-

New heroes and henchmen for Advanced Heroquest
There's a crossbow wielding barbarian (actually a Dragon Strike goblin painted human), a knight (I like to think of as a higher level Heinrich), an elf Light Wizard (basically a healer), a near-naked(!) trollslayer who can serve as a henchman to any dwarf hero and a female swordswoman for me girlfriend to play.

White Dwarf/Terror in the Dark include rules for dwarf heroes hiring trollslayer henchmen, elf heroes hiring wardancers and wizards hiring apprentices. Warriors get captains to follow them. While I'm still looking for a cheap wardancer and apprentice I'm particularly "amused" by this piece:-

To misquote Del Preston:
"Didn't you think it was a trifle unnecessary to see the crack in the Trollslayer's bottom?"


Claudia said...

Sadly link does not work for me either.

And remind me that the amusement caused by a half-naked trollslayer is no reason to play as a dwarf. Wait, what am I saying, I need no reason to do that.

Stuart said...

He's not HALF naked Claudia.

Link stopped working for me, but if you refresh it, it seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Repeated refreshing eventually gets the link. An atrocious hosting if you ask me. -Len