Monday, May 21, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 3

Chaos is one of the major baddies in Warhammer and they can crop up in AHQ.

Chaos thugs and marauders are the basic troops. I don't have any of these currently - though most generic thug miniatures will do. Chaos Warriors on the other hand I've always liked and made sure I got a few of them. Again, these minis didn't come with the game but I did manage to get them along with my skaven horde in part 1. They also look quite different to the Heroquest ones, which is nice if I ever find my old HQ copy. They actually look quite menacing and the paintwork does interesting things when exposed to the flash.
Somehow match day seemed more intimidating.
Naturally you'll want some distinctive minis to serve as Chaos Lords or Champions.
Chaos Warriors, a Chaos Lord and a HQ Chaos Warrior
You'll probably also want a Chaos Sorcerer. This chap in particular is quite a nice find though I wouldn't mind one of the more cowled figures from the rulebook:-

Rather like this piece - the detail on the book is awesome.

Add them together and you get:-

The Evil Ritual - all you need now is some heroes to break down the door!
The expansion Terror in the Dark (more on that in part 4) as well as providing higher-level undead contains rules for Chaos Beastmen. These are also a mainstay if you play WFRP so having some of these is probably a good idea:-

I have a lot of these!

Chaos Daemonettes are one of the higher-level opponents in AHQ. They're also a pain to keep in one piece, but here's 3 such 'ladies'.

Okay, I agree taken with the naked dwarf in part 2 this doesn't look too good but this is a perfectly innocent hobby. :)
Advanced Heroquest, ages 11 and up?


Katie said...

I don't suppose you have the instructions for the original Heroquest? We have the game and such, but are missing key elements: the intruction booklet and all that such. Basically, anything paper.

Adam hasn't played in--I'm guessing--close to 2 decades and doesn't remember, and I've never played. We'd like to, but don't know how. Been watching too much Tabletop of late :)

Stuart said...

Yes, I can send you pdfs of whatever you need. Also the US/UK versions were slightly different.