Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pathfinder: Gothic Earth Eternal

A while back I gushed about the Ravenloft: Masque of Red Death Gothic Earth setting (as well as its woefully inadequate D&D 3.5 mechanics).

The Fraternity of Shadows, the Ravenloft fan site is working on a new project called Gothic Earth: Eternal.

This is a modern version of the setting, starting in 2013. The Red Death has been sorely wounded in the early 1900s with the coming of another evil entity called the Jade Horror (which was intended to be an 19th century oriental companion setting to the Red Death). In traditional Ravenloft ways the world now contains domains that are the seats of power of characters such as Dracula, Moriarty and Caligula who are effectively immortal. Chuck in contemporary man's wickedness and wilful blindness to the evils (apparently everyone knows about the supernatural, no-one talks about it).

This will I presume be a complete sourcebook as a pdf. The system used is Pathfinder (or D&D 3.75e) with a preview of the core classes here. So far it looks far more balanced than the original Masque 3.5 book.

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