Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pimp My Advanced Heroquest Part 5: Specialist Skaven

My main problem with Advanced Heroquest was the lack of variety in the miniatures that came in the box. Aside from the 4 heroes you got 12 henchmen and 20 identical skaven. The idea being that you were 'encouraged' to buy more skaven, including the specialist skaven.

First up are the Skaven technomancer artillerists, the Jezzails and Warpfire Throwers.

A team of Jezzails and Warpfire Throwsers
The Jezzails consist of a skaven wielding an almost comically oversize gun and his assistant to hold the gun in place. These are quite nasty armour piercing fellows.

The two buddies out shooting hoops
The gun holder
The musket

Next up is the deadly warpfire thrower, a warpstone approximation of a flame thrower. Again there is a team of two to work this.

The Warpfire Teams
The Cannon
The ammo
 Then, as the adventurers progress through the Skaven lairs there is the Plague Monks.

Two Plague Monks, the one on the left is cute in my opinion if you excuse the blood.
And the Rat Ogres...

The Rat Ogres

... and their handler.
The Rat Ogre Handler, which can also double as a Plague Monk
Lastly as a bonus I got this two-headed skaven mutant:-

Mutie, mutie mutant


Claudia said...

I like the canon and the plague monks. And you're right, they're cute.

Stuart said...

Probably because they're 28mm high, but they are soooo cute.