Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Resigned to my Fate

So what's new now?

I've resigned from my current job finally. Twice in fact, as I forgot to date my resignation letter the first time apparently. This really makes three times if one includes the time I thought I'd resigned in April but apparently my boss had no recollection of me haggling two months notice in June. This was not good as at one point he was intending to hold me here another three months until we pulled out one of his old e-mails agreeing to this. In all fairness I'd not given them anything in writing. I did get a very nice letter back though wishing me well. More on that anon I hope.

I really liked May Day hols. I went to the fun fair on Friday eve. For some reason dinner hadn't been sitting well with me, which is a shame as the rides were -really- good. Really fast. Though the carny humour left a lot to be desired.

Saturday was spent in Burton-on-Trent and watching Doctor Who. Thoughts on this weeks one when I actually get round to rewatching it.

Sunday eve was WFRP time - a long time obsession of mine. It's like Cthulhu meets D&D - regular people (smugglers, boatsmen, guardsmen ) in a Germanic Austro-Hungarian empire type world. It's grim and perilous. Emphasis on the grim. More on that later.

Also, on Monday I discovered the incredible lameness of Who Wants to be a Superhero. So there y'ar.

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