Tuesday, May 29, 2007

End of Days

So tomorrow is my last day at work for the University of Leicester. It's actually a little sad, especially considering it's been 2 years, 2 months, and 16 days since I started work there. Yes - blogging and B. help you remember the exact dates. Today was the last day I'd see A. as he is off chasing a new job.

One of my coworkers is leaving, his contract coming to an end and bizarrely not being renewed. I'll let you guess which one it isn't (hint: not the one they should get rid of). Even crazier is B. is going to get his own office (damn did I spoil my brain tease), or rather a different office, further away from the students as he might actually snap properly if he interacts with them on a full-time basis and has to come out of his corner.

I've read my papers and though there's plenty I don't understand about water networks I feel somewhat confident about the job, though time will tell. It's going to be weird, but hopefully it's going to be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck tomorrow dude. May your new job be free of B's.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So the end has come, :(, the office won't be the same without you (and when A goes, heaven help us all). Best of luck at De Mont.

I propose the formation of the Inter-University Coffee / Lunch Club, are you in?

P.S. Sorry couldn't spell in the first one.

Doctor Sordid said...

Water networks? What are they, canals? Anyway, good luck in the new job. I'll miss your blogging about your psychotic co-workers, but hopeful you'll soon have new psychotic co-workers to blog about.

Katie said...

I'm also hoping that you have psychotic new coworkers to blog about, but that they don't directly affect you in any way, other than to provide humorous anecdotes. There will always be bad coworkers, but you don't always have to deal with the regularly.

Boo on A's leaving. That bites (other than he too gets to be away from B).

PS I might be on MSN more often now that Adam is back in England :( The last 6 weeks were very nice, and now I'm just cripplingly lonely without him. I need a job...