Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blake's 7 Remake

The new Blake 7 Audio is being streamed on the Sci-Fi website, which is a bit of an odd way to distribute a radio drama on a BBC franchise, but hey-ho. Never really got into B7 - though I watched a reasonable chunk of the first season. Plan on giving this a whirl though.


claudia said...

Despite my objection to any remake of B7, Colin Salmon as Avon is hard to resist.

Stuart Kerrigan said...

My first response was "They made Paul Darrow's character black. How nice and 21st century PC of them."

However given it's the guy from Resident Evil (one of the few saving graces from that awful movie) and he has a pretty damn cool voice, I agree it's a nice piece of casting. Why hasn't he hit the big time though?

Claudia said...

I was going to say 'but Colin Salmon is damn good' but then I realised that you knew this anyway.

I think that him being black might have something to do with it. Lord alone knows why for he is, as I said, damn good.