Sunday, May 06, 2007

Board Already

I've bought a lot of games in the last 12 months, some good - like Kill/Save Doctor Lucky or The Totally Renamed Spy Game. Others were a little disappointing like En Garde. It being a long weekend I went through my collection and identified some I've just not played yet.

Devil Bunny Needs A Ham - everyone plays sous-chefs trying to climb a tall building. There's a Devil Bunny on the roof who thinks if you fall of he'll get a ham. I've no idea what this one is about.

Enemy Chocolatier - Overthrow the head chocolatier and create your own world of chocolate. Yum.

The Big Idea - market inventions that are totally whack like the transparent toupee, perforated kilt, electric cat sushi and so on. This sounds fun.

One False Step For Mankind - race to the moon in 1849 in the midst of the California gold rush.

Guillotine - kill French nobility on the guillotine without accidentally killing the people's hero and angering them. This looked a lot of fun in Edinburgh.

Lord of the Fries - zombies try to build fast food meals, but only have 1 brain to pass between them. This is reminiscent of an earlier game called Gimme the Brain I used to play.


Anonymous said...

You have played "Lord of the Fries" my good man. We played it the night before we left for the Bangor Nationals of '99 when we were crashing at L&C's so we could cadge a lift...

Deviant Boy

Stuart said...

The list's games I've bought but never played. Thanks for the trip down amnesia lane though Kev. :)