Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Brief TV Roundup

On the bright side I've caught my fill of daytime TV. Frasier, Family Guy, Freddie (not that good but better than Loose Women), Crusade (very good, darker Star Trek without being unStar Trek) and even 80s flashbacks to watching the Upper Hand with the parents courtesy of Paramount Comedy.

A few more comments:-

Battlestar Galactica - So Season 3 ends on Sky tonight. After discovering they're hearing a Bob Dylan song it turns out some of the main cast are Cylons. Not one of the better finales, Season 2 ended amazingly. Season 3 ended with a bemused WTF.

Heroes - this show really is good and I'm totally getting into it. It does meander at the pace of Lost, but it's infinitely more interesting at the moment, seemingly starting to pick up steam after half a season and it now boasts Christopher Eccleston as a mysterious invisible dude.

Lost - also really enjoying the 3rd season, though it does seem to be even more vague and the castaways seem to no longer bother trying to escape the island. Personally I preferred the show before secret bunkers, villages and modern day townships started springing up all over the island. Why haven't they built a second ship yet?

Doctor Who - wow, nice politically correct rosy-tinted 1930s episodes with all the grit of the first fifteen minutes of Peter Jackson's King Kong. Despite the Depression it appears everyone lives in harmony, be they black, white or pig man. Hugh Quarshie was wasted as a sermonizing proto-Martin Luther character. Roll on better episodes - the Dalek pair are the weakest of Season 3.

The Office (US) - this show is brilliant. I really like the Jan/Michael arc.

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Pinksy said...

BSG - I haven't seen S3 yet. I hope it's not an entire letdown.

Heroes - I'm saving this one up for a DVD fest. Hope it'll be worth it.

Lost - up to Ep 15 so far, and it still rocks

Doctor Who - agree. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Dalek Caan though.