Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Googled Me

Typing "Stuart likes to" into google revealed the following pearls of wisdom:-

1. Stuart likes to consider himself the infra-structure of the band in terms of organisation, decision making, song writing, guitar playing, humour...

2. Stuart likes to mend things, he can gets angry when things don’t go his plans and really hates it when people intervene... (so true!)

3. Clients tend to want finished artwork in ten days, and Stuart likes to take a couple of weeks.

4. Stuart likes to work closely with his clients to understand what they’re looking for and to develop a mutual ... (I have a lot of clients).

5. Stuart likes to twist things around, adding in bluegrass flourishes and hints of mad, twangy rockabilly.

6. Stuart likes to spend as much time as possible on their small farm and enjoys biking, skiing, and horses. (I've a small farm? Cool)

7. Stuart likes to work from photographs, either from magazines or ones taken by himself.

8. Stuart likes to pretend that he is a musician. He plays electric bass and banjo (yes that’s right banjo).

9. Stuart likes to say I’ve known him since he became a Member. of the Bar, and, in fact that is correct. (Go Farmer Lawyer!)

10. Stuart likes to blog about:. stuart has not yet defined her blogs. >> stuart's Blogs. stuart is the (co-)author of the following blogs ...

So much I never knew about nyself.


steve said...

1. Steve likes to curse.

2. Steve likes to say boom.

3. Steve likes to look at a pretty face.

4. Steve likes to drill. See his drill. Brmmmmm. Brmmmmmmm.

5. Steve likes to play the guitar (mostly blues) in his spare time.

6. Steve likes to work with kids and was the head coach of six Middle School championship wrestling teams.

7. Steve likes to think about thinking. When he's not careful he starts thinking about how we think about thinking.

8. Steve likes to drink lattes and hike on Mt. Everest.

9. Steve likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect his loved ones, of whom he is somewhat possessive.

10. Steve likes to tell people he's the "former employee for the artist formerly known as Prince".

mare said...


1. Mare likes to loaf so the foal will be encouraged to enter the creep and eat.

2. Mare likes to do that when I have too much leg.

3. Mare likes thistle blossoms. She daintily bites off the prickly blossoms and searches for more.

4. Mare looks less like a poet than most poets, more like a sea-captain.

5. Mare likes it round here -- She's honest but must break sharp to avoid getting hung wide.

My word.