Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stuart Kerrigan's (Several) Days Off

Before the madness begins I swung a few days off, no doubt having to sacrifice my soul to the altar of whinging and poutiness on Monday. However it was time well spent - Thursday and Friday I was in various pubs and mercifully I spent most of Saturday in town, browsing at the various things I've been promising myself to buy for the last 6 months:-

  • A DVD Recorder

  • A Bike to start cycling to work

  • Proper chest of drawers for bedroom

  • Mini-Freezer Unit for the kitchen

  • Something else which is nagging me, but can't be that important

I've somehow managed to avoid doing the massive pile of ironing, hoovering the car out of all the debris left from when I er... moved in to my flat, but on the other hand I've had to contend with stinky sink blockages, squelchy bathroom floors and this morning I discovered I needed a new bath mat unless watersliding and developing oneness with the bathroom walls and floors were two things I had no problems with.

A lot of walking has allowed me to catch up on my 8th Doctor audios, and I've heard a couple Twilight Kingdom (which was actually pretty neat although it burnt me out 6 months ago listening to it), Faith Stealer (which is great and nearly as witty as Shada) and I'm listening to the Last (which is pretty creepy) and I plan on someday posting a comprehensive review of the whole run.

Also - everywhere I go images of this new Robin Hood show are following me. I'm a bit worried about all the nonsense I've heard surrounding it - modernising Robin, basing him around contemporary heroes like Jamie Oliver (?!). Add to this the fact he looks like Pippin from Lost with a bow and the fact his costume looks decidedly modern at times, some pictures have him wearing a hoodie or what looks basically like a t-shirt, and you'll see my concern.

What next? The Sheriff of Nottingham gives Robin an ASBO? Robin summons the Merry Men to aid him by using his mobile phone ringtone of a hunting horn? Probably not but I am concerned they're going to "Doctor Who" it and make it "mainstream". I shall tune in of course, it might be the next Robin of Sherwood and even if it isn't you'll still get my opinion - which with £80 will get you a train ticket to Dundee from Leicester.

Still even if Robin Hood is disturbingly bad it can't sink as low as Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Random Thought: Whoever invented should be shot.

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Anonymous said...

You're going to have to report back on Robin Hood on Sunday since I won't be able to see it. I'm not liking the look of it so far, Guy of Guisbourne looks cooler than Robin Hood which is just wrong.