Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tempers at Fever Pitch

I've been feeling a bit poorly (awww I hear you say...) since Saturday evening, I seem to have a cold and more vexingly a bit of a fever, which made lecturing on Monday and Tuesday a lot of fun. Also during my lab on Tuesday I had to take regular fresh air breaks to ensure I didn't suddenly become one with the lab floor.

My Monday triple lecture yo-yo was a bit harder than the four I did last week, but I got through it, although I think I preferred it when only 6 students turned up to my middle lecture, not 50 or so all with mobile phones beeping left, right and centre.

Tuesday as I've said was also difficult and I felt worse, not better. However all the labs and lectures kept me out the office until about 1:30pm, and meant I had a relatively humorous story about one of the other lecturers walking off with the microphone still attached to his shirt, and ripping it out of the podium fixtures. Since I'd not seen A. for most of the day I thought I'd have a chat with him over a sandwich at my office. Sadly it was not to be... thanks to good old loony B. and his new policy on not only not allowing students in the office, but no talking in the office, even during lunch hours, even if it is (loosely) about work.

Here's a 12 second snippet of my attempts to talk to A. over being told to SHUT UP. The actual outburst took about 5-10 minutes, so I only really got a little snapshot. This particular bit is punctuated with A. trying to reason with B. and a good view of my shoes (£6 from Brantano's, very fetching blue and good at picking up grime and tree leaves BTW) in an attempt to prevent our local loonie from noticing, grabbing my phone camera off me and tossing it out the window in a rage.

Enjoy this unique insight into my office, and please, save your sympathy for A. He's worked here longest!

Anyroads, it's fair to say after this outburst both of us victims were slightly miffed, and we left work as soon as was humanly possible. A. decided to go to his gym and find a punchbag, I on the other hand decided to solve my problems with alcohol and go drinking with some pirates. Find out more in Part 2 of our two part story.


Katie said...

Ok, B. is seriously far more nuts than I thought even before. Jesus Christo...on the other hand, I could have had loads of fun with him...telling him to shut up everytime he told me to shut up. Jackass.

Anonymous said...

Wow. And here was me thinking all your B. stories were exaggerated for humorous effect.

I'm genuinely appalled.

Stuart said...

No worries Steve, that's what our 4th office mate thought as well until he actually attended our staff meetings.

Anonymous said...

Wooop! Wooop!

Nutter alert!

I dare you to turn that into your mobile phone ringtone...

Anonymous said...

OMG! I never realised he was that much of a nutter! You’ve really got to show that clip around (and make sure you never walk home alone when he's been let out on day release!). I agree with Katie, do a whole day of repeating what he says and see what happens.