Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Merlin and the Sword

I finally had the evening to myself. With a series of going out, house guests, the Monday pub quiz (woefully unattended because Katie wasn't there to tell us to turn up) and work I really hadn't felt like I'd had an evening to myself in ages.

Over a light repasse I watched the cinematic treat "Merlin and the Sword" because it was on Sky Movies and because Bradley told me not to see it. When the King of Bad Movies tells you it's a bad movie you expect bad badness. And not in a Michael Jackson BAD way.

I personally didn't think it was that bad - in fact it is the most Pendragon-like movie I've seen in a while, with magic, pig-faces princesses who turn into babes when kissed at their wedding and Malcom Macdowell hamming it up as Arthur for 85 minutes only to inexplicably killed off in a most unheroic and budget saving way. Only one thing ruined it - the annoying American tourist, Whipper from Ally Macbeal*, who just happened to fall into Merlin's cave at the start and get him to tell the whole story in the magic of a flashback.

So, Merlin: The Return is worse. Merlin and the Sword is good in the same way Hawk the Slayer is good.

This got me thinking - forget Robin Hood 2006 (which I'll comment on soon) - why doesn't someone make a TV show on the Legends of the Round Table? Think about it - it only needs a recurring cast (Arthur isn't going to be particularly prominent in a 3 part Gawain and the Green Knight arc is he?). Reading Mallory there's enough scope in adventures that the minor knights get up to for more than 6 years of TV, and if an actor quits you just tell another kniggit's story. Because only movies have been made the minor knights get short shrift in favour of Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin, and often main characters are merged together (most notably Margwase and Morgana LaFey).

Also, alluding to my forthcoming review of Robin Hood 2006 please don't feel the need to update the legends for "post-911 Britain".

* The managment would like to point out I don't watch this show.

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