Monday, October 23, 2006

Previously on Stu

Ok... I seem to have got quite a response on the last post, with 6 comments and umpteen emails from chaps who used to work here (who found this movie file in jig time on their own) so it seems B. sells bandwidth, and the usual jibber-jabber doesn't. I think it was nearly as well commented as the cool Young Indiana Jones thread.

I know some of you said you weren't able to follow the movie I posted last week as you have no sound, it kinda goes like this, thanks to Horton's able graphical summary:-

or his later effort:-

If that isn't enough I was sad enough to remix this MP3 track in 5 minutes at home on Audacity (nice program BTW). Now you can experience what my work is like for me when I'm listening to music (apparently for all my multitude of sins, including breathing, my foot also makes these annoying "vibrations" on the floor when I tap my feet that go over to the next desk... you get the idea).

Yes, I'm sad, what's your point?

Still... I'd rather work with this guy. He may be just as irrationally intolerant of his co-workers (and even does the whole nervous talking to himself bit), but he's fun:-

By the way if anyone can name that 80s power ballad in part 2 I'd be very grateful.
Coming soon, pirates and Torchwood.


Anonymous said...

That would be Van Halen's "Jump."

Lindsey said...

Dr Stu Dr Stu
Has this happened
To you?

Stuart Kerrigan said...

No, but if it did happen it might solve some of the problems in the office...

Steven said...

Hey that cartoon looks like a Steve Kidd original. Is it?

Yo Stu-pot! When you gonna open a pub and be done with this computer nonsense? Me thinks you will make a fine jolly landlord.

Stuart Kerrigan said...

It is. I'm guessing this is a different Steve who used to live near me? :)

Pubs on the list - I want to own a pub or a castle, or a pub in a castle.