Monday, October 02, 2006

They're Back...

All the signs were there this morning that the students were back. I woke up sneezing, it felt 5 degrees colder somehow*, the walk into work seemed quite dark and everywhere the campus seemed to be alive with the sound of grubbiness.

This being the first week it's excessively crowded on campus as numerous students try to register and discover that the new automatic registration process is not quite as automatic as the designer's thought it was, and that it doesn't register you. But it is new. I know this because I went to a talk on it a few weeks back, and because the kids are all doing it next door, thinking they're supposed to come here to register (and ignoring the vast preponderance of signs that have been put up telling them not to come to us).

Outside the union the various societies are attempting to vie for their cash and attention. Some eejit keeps tooting a horn outside the window, and the crowd is replete with sporty types, gamers, ethnic groups, cheerleaders and viking warrior women attempting to woo you into giving them spool (actually it's not all bad thinking about cheerleaders and viking warrior women). Fees for joining fencing have gone up for staff apparently and I wasn't allowed to use the nice coffee bar this morning as I don't have an NUS card, so Leicester's Student Union remains as staff-friendly as ever.

I have however prepped 2 lectures, cleaned my desk, invented a new system for propping the window open involving a roll of sticky tape, registered 2 students and decided to reschedule my Stuart Kerrigan: My Life So Far lecture for the nascent departmental club (I kid you not) until Semester 2. Apparently people want to hear about my research. So it's been a busy day.

* Actually I think I have discovered a cure for global warming. Simply move all the Universities to the polar ice caps.

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