Friday, October 06, 2006

Favours and Breakdowns

I'm favoured out this fortnight. For I am pulling the ultimate favour this weekend - I'm coming into work on Saturday for a few hours to run an Open Day as our regular Open Day guru is seriously, seriously unwell. This is the culmination (hopefully) of what I am dubbing "Season of the Favours", where I've been doing lots of favours (not that kind!) for people. On the other hand I now have a large selection of chocolate at home and don't need to buy myself a pint for a couple of weeks. Plus karma-wise I should be in good stead until at least Xmas.

Meanwhile - you can now tell the students are back. B. is well on the way to either having a nervous breakdown or driving one of us to one. I'm not sure which one he's working on exactly, and neither does he I'm sure.

You see since Thursday afternoon we've been doing various induction lessons. I had the choice of working with B. on one, or doing one myself. Guess what I chose. No go on, guess.

So while I was safely doing my own lab the others had been working quite hard to rewrite B.'s lab material into something different (read into that what you like). Also when I left the office around 10:15am B. was yelling in a Prima Donna fashion about how he was going to refuse to do the lab. Apparently midway through the lab he then decided to replace A. and sysadmin's revised file with his earlier file as he didn't like/understand (delete as applicable) that version.

The upshot is we had 2 groups of students with different lab sheets, being rather cnofused. B. also apparently had a big argument with A. and had one of the lecturer's ask A. not to teach the lab anymore.

I missed all this. Sadly this year I'm just not going to be in my office as much as I used to be. Ah, bless.

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