Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lucky Bar Steward

As the world continues to crumble around me in Leicester I've been playing Kill Doctor Lucky, which is one of the most silly boardgames I've ever played and I've played a game called "Oi Dat's My Leg".

Kill Doctor Lucky is essentially reverse Cluedo, where you try to kill the good Doctor without any witnesses and are constantly foiled by misplaced banana peels, badly positioned furniture, kung-fu masters in the armoury and the fact Dr. Lucky turns incorporeal when you try to force feed him rat poison.

Other than that, and the epic struggle to get a wireless router working so I now have net access in my flat (yay, though Tiscali sucks as an ISP) things have been quite quiet. The new PC has arrived and seems at times nearly as tempremental as the old one, and I've discovered some "wonderful" features about leaving a PC on overnight in my gaff.

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