Monday, June 12, 2006

Dr. Stu rhymes with Dr. Who

The Impossible Planet and Satan Pit.

Now that was Doctor Who! And science-fiction - for once I didn't think, "What do Dr. Who and Eastenders have in common? Well they're both set in London in 2006."

They had space, space suits, aliens, space ships, space, demons, space walks, space, alien planets, space absailing, space. Note the space. It wasn't set on Earth in the past, Earth in the future, Earth in the present or a planet that is called New Earth. It also wasn't written by RTD so it didn't have a single fart joke, pop music, or even an appearance by the Slitheen (though apparently the Slitheen were meant to replace the very cool Ood in an old iteration of the script).

Rose was even vaguely tolerable in the second part. It was a shame the Ood died as it wasn't really their fault an evil entity dominated them, and the Doctor chose to save 1 woman over 40 or so tentacly aliens.

I've obtained Genesis of the Daleks and watch the first 3 parts. It's pretty darn good even if Skaro looks like a quarry and not the red planet shown in the McGann movie. It's obvious the original series went downhill after Tom Baker left the show. Certainly the Davidson serials I've seen were nearly as bad a Colin Baker's reign. Nearly. Or should I say Kinda?

I'm hoping to get a hold of the bits of Shada that were filmed. The McGann reconstruction of Douglas Adam's lost script was utterly fantastic.

Anyroads this weekend there is a sci-fi weekend in the Space Centre. Expect lots of duff photos of me being chased by Daleks and goofing around.

Oh, and I finally found this clip...

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