Friday, June 30, 2006

Heavy Lifting and the Ice Cream Van of the Damned

I played hookey at lunchtime and drove to Manor Road to help move our kit from there to secure it now term is ending today. Talk about closure, I will either have to go the leisure centre for fencing now, or start going to the gym like I've threatened for months.

Driving with 3 heavy bags in the back of the Stu Mobile was surprisingly difficult and I doubt my skill dazzled Naomi, our armourer, by completely failing to pause anywhere within reach of the entry buzzer to the university, but other than that and a lengthy parking sequence we managed to get the kit moved. On a really hot day.

Which made it a bit more surreal when I moved the car round the back of the University, got out and saw the ice cream van I'd decided to not go to following me. It's the first time I've nearly been run over on the pavement by a car wholly on the pavement. And then I was again nearly run over by the ice cream van as it decided to drive through the park. You might think on a hot day having an ice cream van seemingl try to mate with you is a handy thing, but I assure you it gets old fast.

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