Friday, May 05, 2006

Taking the Heat

It is the start of the blistering warm season in Leicester. Without warning the temperature has shot up, the sun came out to party and my central heating decided to continue to belch out heat despite being below told to output nothing. This is one of the joys of storage heating - you have to predict tomorrow's weather and set accordingly.

I've been trying to ignore El Diablo in all this excitement. I fear that if I were to open the oven I'd find Monday's experiments coupled with this extreme heat have generated enough energy to form a small sun complete with microscopic solar system within the oven, inhabited by little people made from charred roast lamb who now worship me as their creator and are, even as we speak, embarking on a holy war between the Orthodox faction who think my name is spelt "Stuart" and the newfangled revisionists who spell it "Stewart".


This weather makes walking into work very pleasant, as London Road is shaded by a large amount of local fauna, and the park along from the university seems to have suddenly sprung to life with students.

Things have been interesting acclimatising to my new surroundings. Thanks to my boss I've sampled some of the local ales and takeouts on Queens Road. Incidentally the portions of chips in Leicester are staggering no matter where you go, but most of you know that from previous posts.

Yesterday lunchtime I found myself in the beer garden of the local free house known as the Old Horse (did I mention I like that pub?) eating one of their blue burgers (the cheese on the burger is blue, not the actual burger itself, that would be wrong). Their beer garden has a very smelly rabbit, some owls and a Tardis, much like the one in Buchanan Street in Glasgow. I'll have to take some photos on my next visit.

Then that evening for variety I found myself back at the Old Horse (good job I like that pub innit?)

I think a quiet weekend is called for to finally get my house in order so to speak. And a return to the gym. I have about 1 years worth of DVDs to watch including six seasons of Hercules I bought as a guilty pleasure dirt cheap from the States. I just find watching 21st century values in ancient Greece a laugh but was never quite taken with Xena. I've also got a ton of Cadfael mysteries, Sherlock Holmes, Family Guy and a hankering to rewatch Firefly.

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