Monday, May 22, 2006

Dr Stu on... y'know *spoilers*

Finally got round to watching the Cybermen episodes. Pretty damn good actually, though the first part was relatively weak. And those ear-pods look uncomfy, I certainly wouldn't keep them on all day, much less drive a car during download time.

I had this reaction to Jackie's fate, I thought they were going to chicken out and make it all a nice and happy ending.

I'm going to miss Mickey. Of all Rose's chav-pals he was the one I identified with most (computer geek, spare part in the team etc.) though he got a terrific send-off. I don't understand why everyone was so crappy to him and I . At the moment I would rather have a Troughton-Jamie style duo than the "Doctor and Rose "I want, I want" Tyler Show".

Yes, Rose continues to grate. Now she doesn't want Mickey to leave her, she wants to save her mum from the Cybermen (yeah - screw the rest of the planet, let's make some screaming parallel-universe Chav a priority), she gets jealous because the Doctor talked to some waitress at the Tyler party. It's all me, me, me with her, as Miss Piper noted in the Dr. Who Confidential afterwards.

If anybody wants me I will be watching Tomb of the Cybermen at work. Scott Adams would be proud.

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