Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Previously on TFASK

- Visited Beaumont Leys to pick up a package. It's in the arse-end of Leicester.
- Saw 16 Blocks. Very good film.
- Bought loads of very cheap plastic furniture. At least it's not patio furniture.
- Now have Sky+ installed successfully. Surprisingly difficult even with a PhD in gizmos sciency stuff. It took only 3 attempts to work out how the card was inserted and 2 phone calls to Sky. And a shifty discount of £3 from the extra installation fee.
- Now at last I have my own spy satellite I feel really mature...
- Had people waving around a replica sword in my apartment after only being in it for 5 seconds. If you've seen my apartment waving anything 5' long is not a good idea.
- Had worrying observations about my place made, like, "You know, you can handcuff people to your bed."
- Learned how to play bar billiards last night.
- Bought a new computer.
- Not seen Dr. Who yet. :(

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