Thursday, May 18, 2006

So What's on my Sky Box?

Justice League Unlimited - this is a pretty funky cartoon. Just listen to the epic theme music though I wish they'd used Hal Jordan or Kyle Rainer as Green Lantern. John Stewart, at least in the episodes I've seen, doesn't seem to have much character. I do like how they focus on B-stringers like Green Arrow (who I'm beginning to think is really cool), the Question (never even heard of him until I saw this show), Captain Marvel and so on. Naturally like all quality US TV it's just been cancelled, so if that isn't a seal of approval I don't know.

I also watched The Batman but when the Joker tried to take over Gotham by firing a giant piece of chewing gum at the police station I realised it probably wasn't for me.

Xena - ahem. I'm watching this for the historicalness of course.

Doctor Who - well you knew I watched this.

Red Dwarf - no point in paying for DVDs if it comes on UK Gold. Well actually there is, but not today...

Star Trek TNG - the sets look flimsy and plasticky now, the stories lack grit and the characters seem to lack any flaws, but it's still watchable.

Lost - I'm going to wait for this to catch up to where I was, but I'm also looking forward to the 2nd survivors group ep.

Battlestar Galactica - you guys have finally caught up so it is safe to talk about how cool the ending of Season 2 was. The last 30 minutes of the episode basically fast forwarded one year with Baltar as Prez, having settled on a barren looking planet and abandoning the search for Earth. And now the Cylons have taken over their puny little colony. Epic stuff, especially as a lot of the middle of Season Two became quite pedestrian.

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