Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gen Con No More

Peter Adkison has closed down another Gen Con apparently. Having met Peter I can say having enough money to make you a rockstar doesn't mean you can relate to the likes who go to Gen Con.

I still count his Gen Con UK 2003 as my favourite though even though it pretty much was the deathknell for Gen Con UK for me (Gen Con UK is on, but I can never seem to make it even though it's always ridiculously southern venues are nearer to Leicester than Dundee). I was staying free at the Olympia Hilton in London, being paid £10 a pop in trade hall vouchers to run games people weren't turning up to, and because the venue was only 1/4 full the trade stalls were discounting their stuff like mad. The net result was I nearly had to pay excess baggage for all the swag I was carrying.

Which remind me I've been meaning to put up some of my old modules I wrote in 2001-2004 when quite frankly I should've been writing my thesis. I keep getting asked for these so it'll save a lot of time...

Glaive's Gambit - my first quasi-professionally published D&D scenario, and probably my favourite. A murder mystery that came at a time when Greyhawk scenarios weren't particularly cerebral, that was so popular I was encouraged to make it into a trilogy.

The Blazing Banner - the second part of my trilogy, which frankly shows too much of Babylon 5's influence.

There was also a prequel to The Blazing Banner I can't seem to find, written by the most scholarly Dr. Paul Looby who really should've gotten more credit prior to Part 3. I'll dig that and Part 3 out another time.

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