Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Holidays Are Going

Not much to report at this juncture other than that I've had a little time to catch up on my TV and DVD collection. My brother introduced me to Life on Mars, which is a most excellent show. Also, despite being aimed at an age group nearly 20 years my junior I thought The Sarah-Jane Adventures on New Year's Day were actually pretty good, even better than the Doctor Who special.

My dad was also introduced to Pirates of the Carribean. Despite inexplicably owning the film on DVD he waited until it was on BBC1 this Xmas to realise what everyone else on the planet realises: that this is a good film. He was also lucky in that I had Pirates 2 on my laptop, so we sat watching it on the big screen telly at midnight a few weeks back. Ironically I was dragged to a midnight showing of it when it was first on in the cinemas, and having got up around noon, not 7am, this time I actually thought it was a far better film on the second viewing.

I've done other things than sit watching TV and stuffing myself on mince pies, danish whirls and patriotic ice cream dishes, but a full debunk on my Xmas and New Year adventures will have to wait. It's almost time to put all the prezzies in the car and head back to the Bad Place. I don't start work until Tuesday, and plan on doing most of my marking at home anyroads, but I've learned it's always good to have a few days to climatise to Lesta before going back to work.

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