Monday, January 08, 2007

Xmas Hols 2

Christmas Day was spent opening prezzies and watching really bad TV. Boxing Day was pretty much the same - I stayed in and watched Casper the Friendly Ghost, which is actually quite good as it has Eric Idle in it.

That's the thing with Monifieth - over Christmas it becomes impossible to leave, and yet there's very little to actually do while you're trapped there. By the 27th I was going stir-crazy. I went to town to pay the Highlander Games and Grouchos Taxes but find a depressing lack of anything I am interested in buying. Oh, and happy 30th Birthday to Grouchos apparently.

The day after that was spent visiting the rellies near Ayr. Travelling to Adrossan and back with my dad was as always an experience in terror. The day after that was spent going avec Egor, Mare and Stevie to the Pizza Hut for buffet, to the bowling where I bowled really, really badly and then finally to sample the culinary delights of Visocchi's in the Ferry. What was truly special about this visit was Mrs. Visocchi gave me a free sample of their award winnning ice cream because she thought Gregor looked like a fishmonger from St. Andrews. I always knew there was something fishy about him...

Aside from that I seemed to spend a lot of time in the pub - the Kittiwake or the Counting House, Dundee's local Wetherspoon's, with Bradley and Kev where we blethered all evening and I got a sugar high from drinking several hot chocolates in rapid sensation.

Next: Will our beloved hero ever leave the pub? Also featuring molestation and humiliation at New Year.

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