Monday, July 17, 2006

You Shall Go To The Ball

I went to the Grad Summer Ball in Leicester. Actually I was pretty much told to go or else, so I had little choice. So I am the male version of Cinderella. Except for the wicked step-mother, evil sisters, slipper, carriage, mice, bippety-boppety-boo and long list of menial tasks.

Actually strike that last one...

The local SU wouldn't sell me one as I was staff and didn't have an NUS card. However one of my TAs was more than helpful in allowing me to use his NUS card, so I once more persuaded a hapless vendor to take my cash. Honestly, you'd think I use Scottish notes all the time with the difficulty I have giving the stuff away to anyone not on the city council.

A good time was had by all and I was introduced to nearly half the university, drank enough Red Bull to keep me up 'til 7am and went to my first rave. Some of my students were a little surprised to see me there but were mollified when I explained I'd only just graduated myself. There is apparently video footage and a heck of a lot of digital photos out there. However I was never drunk, simply as the alcohol was not in abundance - bar queues were immense.

There was a chocolate fountain. Nay, two such things, in light and dark chocolate flavours. There was a Glen Miller-esque band, but sadly their amazing act ended before it occurred to me to actually dance. Chaz and Dave were there in true cheesy form, as was Rachel Stevens, though I don't think I saw her.

I've never been to a rave before. So that was new. Though it turned into a disco shortly thereafter. By the end of the night, or rather the beginning of the morning, the campus looked like a bomb site.

The walk home at 7am was a little surreal and went past my boss's house. Thankfully he didn't choose that moment to pop out and pick up the morning paper. By about 7:30am I finally got to sleep and miraculously woke up at 1pm feeling only a little groggy. However Saturday was completely wasted (sorry dude - I'll get your parcel off later this week when I use the car) except for a trip to Stoneygate shops to buy some caffeinated beverages (clearly a diet of red bull only marred with red bull and champagne (classy eh?) is not enough).

Sunday was good however. Some friends are now my new neighbours invited me over to enjoy a very fine Sunday lunch and then a sojourn to the park to raid the ice cream van.

Overall, this weekend was relaxing but not very productive. Which is good as I like relaxing.

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