Monday, July 10, 2006

Quiet on the southern front

I've also been watching the original Star Trek on Sci-Fi and forgot how utterly brilliant it was compared to the Next Gen. Scarcely an episode goes by without Kirk getting into a fist fight. Comparing this with an episode where Wesley has to sit starfleet exams or Data gets a date the Original series has a fast pace and looks no less dated than the Next Gen in my eyes now. And with class bits like these, who can blame me?

In particular my favourite episode is the original 2nd pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before, with the silver eyed old buddy of Kirk that slowly gets evolved into a shirt-ripping-paper-mache-rock-proof-god-monster. I've been told I focus too much on shirt ripping but it's not an episode of Star Trek without one of the following:-

  1. Kirk getting his shirt ripped

  2. Kirk fighting in the sand

  3. A Vulcan nervepinch disabling an individual only as long as the plot dictates

  4. An Enterprise security guard/transporter chief being overpowered (usually when guarding a prisoner by turning their back to them)

  5. The crew being entertained by Uhura singing and having the most low-tech recreational activities

I've had a house guest the past week. We've watched the 70% of my Sky box taken up with original Trek, as well as a few of the new episodes appearing on the New Voyages website. Other than that, it's been quiet. His nibs is on three weeks holiday so there is peace and sense in the office for that time.

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