Monday, July 10, 2006

Dr. Stu on the Dr. Who Finale

Lots of daleks, lots of cybermen, some Time Lord technology and yet no real build on the Time War metaplot after two seasons. And the epic clash never really seemed epic enough to me - I was hoping for some devastation of Earth as the two races clashed. As a minor nit, what happened to all the cybermen converted on Earth who had not been exposed to the void?

Other than that it was pretty good.

Well, bye bye Rose. Can't say I'll miss her, though she was relatively heroic. After spending most of this season acting like Sebastian Love from Little Britain she was stranded on a parallel Earth with a better job working for alt-Torchwood, resurrected parallel earth father, preggers and happy mother, butch Mickey and yet somehow this wasn't enough for her. Both she and I would prefer this...

Personally I think the Doctor and Rose's relationship has become obsessive, like they ultimately don't give a damn about anyone else in the grand scheme. I really hope the new companion is suitably level-headed and they don't try to pair the Doctor off with her as well.

The goodbye was suitably teary but I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up causing some sort of catastrophe trying to get back to the Doctor. The cliffhanger was a bit tacked on though if the Doctor is going it solo for the special it should be interesting.

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