Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Return of the Rant

I was remarking to myself how I'd had so little problems with the flat this month. I called my landlord to see about being able to open the window to the flat, as it's been padlocked and the only likely key in the building doesn't even fit it.

After I made the call I discovered last evening that my ELECTRIC heater in the bathroom now dislocates from the wall as it was improperly screwed into the wall. As the ELECTRIC copper wires are exposed this is not a good thing. Thankfully it's off, as I'd be one crispy wet critter by now, not to mention a weirdo as it's incredibly hot.

To cap things off a fuse blew this morning when I left the washing machine on to go to work. This has resulted in my fridge defrosting on this over 30 degree day. Anyone for liquid ice cream?

The landlord was frantically trying to ring me today to get permission to let the workers in to fix the heater and the window. Alas my phone was on silent while I was attending a briefing on how the University plans on "altering" it's pay and conditions for employees. This was a definite brown trouser meeting, and is best summed up by the following exchange that happened before the meeting:-

R: "Do you want to go for lunch before the meeting?"
S: "No, I better go to the meeting first and see if I can actually afford to keep eating lunch."


Anonymous said...

So can you still afford to eat, or do you have to switch to a life of crime?

Stuart said...

In true Uni of Leicester tradition that was the one piece of info they neglected to give me at the meeting.