Friday, July 21, 2006

Latest Heatwave

It's been HOT around here for the past two weeks. As in 38 degrees warm, people collapsing in the city centre and being stretchered out, as in Stuart's pasty white skin turning near lobster red just from routine exposure to the sun.

With the midday sun hanging over the office and making things unbearable A. has retreated to the student labs since they have air conditioning in them (unlike our office). At least the uni has finally shut off the heating - in July when there was a heatwave they kept it on in case there was a cold spell. (Our wonderful 1970s heating system takes an extended period of time to switch on or off).

I plan on surrendering the office when B. comes back on, as the unholy alliance of both the heat and his holiday snaps (think Arnold Rimmer's slideshows in the Red Dwarf episode Justice) might just finish me off!

I've taken to bringing in two bottles and placing one in the staff fridge three buildings away from my office as by lunch time any exposed water in the office is quite warm. I am convinced you could boil water by leaving it on the window ledge. This makes me aware how poor the provisioning is for our office. We have no watercooler, no fridge and apparently the water for our coffee used to come from the gent's loo on Floor 1. Makes me glad I don't drink coffee.

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