Friday, March 09, 2007


I have returned to work after a few days holed up with the lurgy and am now more powerful that an unimaginative fool could possibly imagine. I am a badge carrying member of staff now - the badge I ordered for UCAS days to identify me as a staff member has arrived, and only a day before the last of my UCAS days.

As a badge carrying member of the Uni I can now stop people in the street . I will now get the best seats in cinemas, be given the "special" table at restaurants and casinos and am able to commandeer vehicles.

Now before you get an image of me on a motorbike riding through the corridors of Leicester Uni Judge Dredd style as an insight into how things work around here I received a phonecall telling me it's the wrong type of badge - it's fastened by a safety pin and would therefore could put holes in my nice shirt. I am therefore getting another badge. Possibly before the UCAS day tomorrow, but probably not as they take 2-6 weeks.

So, don't mess with me. I have 2 badges and one of them controvenes health and safety and is sharp!

I am the Law! Behold the badge of doom!


Katie said...

Aren't you moving locales shortly? Or is that what the whole 'last day of UCAS' is about? I's confused.... :(

Anonymous said...

Hooray for safety pins,the risk assessment forms you need to fill out for them are most amusing. Get Health and Safety on the case immediately ;)