Friday, September 15, 2006

Phone of Doom

It's official - suck for getting a cheap mobile phone on contract. And I should stop moving. Remember the fiasco of getting a newphone?

It was an Orange phone - £5.99 a month (via the convoluted route of cashback), for 12 months. On a 12 month contract. Brill I thought - cheap calls and half price cinema tickets on the Wednesday, so I immediately ordered it and cancelled my existing contract (which is now ending next week). I was muttering that there'd be a slight overlap of a month where I'd be paying for two months, but that was better than rushing at the last minute.

Naturally after about a week or two of waiting for the promised three day delivery, tracking the order online and seeing it clearly labelled "Order Being Processed", emailing to see what this meant exactly I phoned up and was told the credit check had failed. I suspect it's yet another consequence of moving though I definitely put myself on the electoral register for my flat.

Last year, when I was in the same pickle, I went in the store and got the whole mess straightened out - though it became rapidly apparent to me that the Carphone Warehouse works on commission, as the woman lost interest in helping me pass the credit checks once I told her I didn't want a phone from the shop, I just wanted the deal on the web.

Anyroads, deciding the muppets on the phone, who put me onto 3 different departments, were no use I went into their shop on Sunday. Unfortunately no matter how he input my address, Orange didn't like me. Curiously O2 with their more expensive contracts did. So in a nutshell I didn't pass the credit check for a cheap phone, but I could have a more expensive one. I've now ordered a marginally more expensive O2 phone (£10 a month) online, but I'm not holding my breath.

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