Friday, September 08, 2006

Anyone got a skateboard?

Work continues to be interesting, with Best. Meeting. Ever. when B. totally flipped out not just at us, but the bosses as well over a discussion on (what else?) manning our help desk for the upcoming term. They made the mistake of explicitly saying they thought the door should be open so students could come in, which he seemed to dislike. The boss actually had to tell him to grow up and that our new HoD won't take any crap.

What is more amusing is the new timetables at the uni are in, and this year I'm doing quite a bit of lecturing - weighing in at around 40 hours in 10 weeks - which is good. What is not so good is my timetabling for 30 of those 40 hours.

11:30am I am in the Bennett Building teaching Computer Systems and architecture (i.e. how a computer works).
12:30pm I am in the Engineering Building teaching wordprocessing and spreadsheets.
13:30pm I am racing back to the Bennett Building to teach Computer Systems and architecture again.

As these buildings are on the opposite ends of campus I will be the one on a skateboard or rollerskates with the "I Hate Mondays" t-shirt on. Seriously however I am planning on buying a bike and cycling in on the cold months, so this gives me 2 reasons. Plus I think I'll be prepping my brace of lectures at home on Monday mornings in the relative warmth of my palatial mansion.

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