Thursday, August 25, 2005

Financial Leper

Having not got my new phone from Carphone Warehouse I emailed customer care and got the following gem:-

"I am sorry to hear that you have not received your order you requested on the 18th August 2005.

Having investigated your customer account. I am sorry to inform you that your order was declined. Please be advised we have sent you an email to inform you this on the 18th August 2005."

No reason - no justification - no clue. I'm certainly good for £10 a month, but it may be that I've only just moved.


Anonymous said...

It could be related to your upcoming court case, of course.

After the trial at Kirkaldy Sherif Court next week, once you've been found 'Not Guilty' to text-stalking Billy Boyd (we're all rooting for you Stu!) the mobile phone companies will probably be happy to provide you with a new model.

Anonymous said...

Or less entertainingly, cos you're not yet on the voters' roll.

I hate being the boring one....