Monday, April 24, 2006

The Return (again)

The dark grey overcast sky, the hooting of horns behind you when someone fails to immediately pull off from a green light, being stuck behind a 10 mph road sweeper on a blind bend, sudden stopping buses and suicidal pedestrians reminded me I was in Leicester as I drove to work this morning.

I managed 8 hours yesterday despite being stuck behind some awful learner driver outside Matalan's in Dundee :) and got back in time to watch the new Sharpe, which is pretty good.

Other than that Uni is still very quiet with the kids all gone for the hols, the office is in disarray and I'm cooking up things to do to keep me occupied before the big move on Friday.

Other news - I have set up a radioblog playlist so people can hear all the weird music I like to listen to. It can be heard here or on the link on the side.

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