Friday, April 28, 2006

Moving On...

Most of my boxes have been moved thanks to Al and his very large car boot, and after breaking for a pub lunch at the Old Horse (did I mention I like that pub) I unpacked all the vital components in my new flat.

So I unpacked the TV and DVD.

Then I checked my inventory, tried to read my metres and tried to hoover up a lot of the dust that seems to have permeated the flat.

Nothing major has gone wrong but it seems I'll need to buy a freezing unit, a decent hoover and learn how on Earth my heating system works and see about getting a phone/broadband/TV system fitted before I go criminally insane. And get rid of some stuff as space is a little tight.

Other than that all is well and its going to be an interesting long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in your new place! Post up some photos of the flat if you can find the time.

Stuart said...

I shall, good sir, I shall!