Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Old Blowhard Dr. Stu on Dr. Who

During the Big Move (tm) I thought I'd continue my commentary on Doctor Who. Because I'm like that.

Wow - now that was an improvement over the previous episodes! Best episode of the season not counting the Xmas Special, this episode had real emotion between the Doctor and his old companion, marred only by soap operaness from Billie Piper and the inevitable catfight between SJS and Billie. Maybe its me but they do the Doctor some injustice by bringing this level of sexual tension into the companion relationship. It really makes the Doctor a -very- dirty old man!

Anthony Head was wasted - he should've been the Master. Mind you they might reuse him, though given this isn't a RTD episode they probably won't. The whole alien plot was interesting. For once they weren't just trying to steal money, and what was especially good was when Giles was tempting the Doctor the opportunity to play god and resurrect the Time Lords. Though why doesn't everyone try cracking that mathematical algorithm? I know I'd have a try if no-one else does, and I certainly have the imagination of a child!

Rose loses even further points in my book when she had the gall to pull a face when Mickey finally signed up as part of the Tardis crew. Rose is really due for a serious slapping right? Well done Mickey! You've obviously done the maths!

Since roughly 50%-75% of the episodes take place in the present day he is only in slightly more danger by actually accompanying the Doctor. And he will get to see all the amazing places they talk about that they went to between episodes. I just hope he gives the other two a reality check and doesn't end up dealt with as brusquely as poor, dumb Adam.

K-9 didn't get a lot of screentime, and given he seems relatively immortal I don't understand why the Doc doesn't take him along for the ride. I wonder if this spin-off will actually be connected to the Doctor Who series and feature SJS?

Oh, and if you want to see something really gross I tracked down this link to my least favourite Doctor on Wikipedia. Amazing what learning can do.

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