Saturday, April 22, 2006


I picked up the Red Dwarf VII DVD recently because it had a special feature reconstructing a forgotten episode and I realise how much I'd forgotten how good the show was. And that my favourite episode was "Stoke Me A Clipper", though anything with Ace Rimmer in it was excellent.

There's something fantastic about watching the opening sequence of the episode with Ace diving out of the plane on a plastic crocodile, fighting Nazis and rescuing the princes. And then there's a medieval bit with lots of jousting. Top episode.

True Red Dwarf VI, VII and VIII had some forgettable episodes, like "Rimmer World", "Beyond a Joke" or the very last episode of the series (what was that about with Death?). It definitely belongs on the list of shows I wish they'd renew, along with Twin Peaks, Robin of Sherwood and Babylon 5: Crusade.

Recently I finally managed to go back to the Union with my amigos and we spent the evening playing a really sad Red Dwarf quiz (it was either that or gay kissing chicken, so I thought we did really well by opting to be sad rather than camp).

To give you some examples of the questions, here's a bunch of brainteasers to see if you are sad enough to drink with us...

1. In the beginning of the episode Dimension Jump Ace Rimmer meets 4 characters before embarking on his adventure. Which one of those characters does not say "What a guy" in the episode?

2. Who sang the song "High Noon" during the episode Queeg?

3. What is Stuart's favourite joke involving weaponry in the episode Angels and Devils? (hint: It involves blades).

4. Who are the team members in Can't Smeg Won't Smeg?

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