Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm now in the Shetlands after one of the most turbulent flights I've had in a while. Maybe I shouldn't have seen Red Eye last night with Steve. Or maybe thinking about Lost all through the flight was the problem. Or maybe there just was a little more turbulance than usual.

Additional note - why does Aberdeen have the worst airport bus service from the train station. Missing the hourly bus I took a taxi for a very kingly sum. But it allowed to do some shopping in Aberdeen and get some out of print WFRP books.


Anonymous said...

You probably just felt normal winds- the planes that fly to the isles aren't proper aeroplanes you know, they're just big RC toys.

So guessing we won't see you in pub when we're up in Dundee tonight then?

Stuart said...

Er... no. This would be the weekend I was in the Shetlands I only mentioned a trillion times. I thought you were down next weekend.

Anonymous said...

"'m going off on hols on the 9th 'til the 25th, going back to Dundee initially and then the Shetlands, and then back to Dundee"

That doesn't give the dates you're in the middle of nowhere, you numpty.

Stuart said...

No, but then I did say it to you in person several times. I can't post my travel plans exactly here, my stalker would find out and that would be just embarassing.


Anonymous said...

Y'all said you'd stop callin' me your 'stalker', Stuart. Ah ain't seein' the funny side. You cut me deep when you use that word.

You done said that what we had was true love. Ah jist ain't prepared to let that go. Ah'll see y'all on Shetland.

Stuart said...

See... I told ya.

Anonymous said...

i was asleep when you visited.

when i was down in engerland i was either asleep, passing out with the heat, inspecting your haunted fridge or trying not to throw up in AT.

so effectively i wasn't listening. from now on I'll arrange appointments via yr stalker :) or else ring steve and if he's on an island somewhere i'll know you're up ;)