Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sizzling Pigs, Lighthouses and Jarls!

I've had a sizzling pig at Osla's, which by the way is the best place to eat. It's a pancake with cheese, bacon and maple syrup. Part of me died when I ate this artery hardening treat, part of me never left my usual seat in Osla's.

After this and dropping A. off at work I proceeded to Sumburgh lighthouse. A pair of dutch hikers looked at me oddly as I drove all the way up the hill, proving how lazy (and short of time) I was.

I also went to Jarlshof, a set of ruins covering 4,000 years of life near Sumburgh Airport. They had a pretty neat audio tour-guide. I also purchased copious amounts of alcohol to take back to the mainland. Oh, and most of the postcards I've sent should've turned up.

It's been fun, but I thought I'd end with a nice piccie of a sink full of Shetland water.


SixFoot Hobbit said...

Strangely coulored but very relaxng to bathe in.

Doctor Sordid said...

You'd never fit in that sink, Bradley...

Jamalen of Zetland said...

It's all the peat up here y'know!