Monday, August 08, 2005

Item of Interest

BBC7 Radio Station have started broadcasting the Doctor Who radio series with Paul McGann as the Doctor. Paul was easily the best of the Doctors I remember despite only getting one episode to act in. You can stream the complete audio for the various episodes, which are very, very good. I even invested in a copy of Storm Warning on CD a few months ago (it's apparently shortened for radio).

Not a Doctor Who fan. Dammit!


Anonymous said...


nothing to do with this post, but I finally got internet back after nearly seven weeks without. That's what BT does to you when you move offices.

So I have spent this extended lunch period reading half of your last six weeks blogs. I am amazed how you find the time to write them. I know if I would be single I would spend even more time playing World of Warcraft then now with family. Sad person that I am. But I can recommend the game if you have too much time ....

And hi Bradley haven't spoken to you for ages.


Stuart said...

Welcome back Mr. T. Wondered where you'd been hiding.

My trick is to never, ever play an on-line RPG like World of Warcraft as it gets rid of all your spare time and all your cash. I also am too tight to spend any money per month on playing a game I already bought in the shop. :)