Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been away to York with the Lady over the bank holiday weekend, finally making use of the arbitary holiday I am forced to take. In this time I managed:-

  • To board a Tour Bus of the City

  • Walk the Walls

  • Visit the Jorvik Viking Centre - which sadly loses steam after the rides

  • Undertake the seemingly obligatory ghost walk in the evening with a theatrical fellow in a frock coat and top hat

  • Overheat on a boat cruise

  • Eat too much nice and expensive Italian food

  • Walk so much I got a little sunburned while da south was drenched in rain.

The last time I was in York was with my primary school in 1990 or so. Thankfully this time there was no weirdness with closets. I was sharing with Hoppy in 1990 - if you know him you'll not be surprised by this revelation.

Pictures to follow.

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