Monday, November 27, 2006


Blogging while invigilating a test to say I looked up the hood on wikipedia (the hood being apt apparently):-

Monifieth's youth - mainly those from Monifieth High School - are noted for their severe rivalry with the youth of neighbouring town Broughty Ferry, most of whom come from the high school Grove Academy. This rivalry has grown to such an extent that it has resulted in the formation of several groups - Monifieths 'YMR' (Young Moni Rool), and Grove's 'Ferry Fleet'. As well as battling each other, these groups - who consist mainly of 'neds' - also enjoy tormenting local residents. The YMR taking over this mantle from the YPT (Young Panny Tongs), the last group of whom disbanded in 2004. There are many known prostitutes in Monifieth, but none as famous as the local Jewish prostitute, Derek Soutar.

So, um, yes. Real accurate info there.

Even more interesting is the page on Monifieth High School that links to a website rating the teachers.

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Major_Grooves said...

Good find. There were some familiar names on there.

Mr Saunders and Mr Dunbar rule!

I never even had Mrs Legg, but even I shudder at the thought of her - "You're all worthless first year SCUM!"