Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Ghost of Bios Past

I visited the Onnwal website today to get some files for a chum and noticed they need to update their bio for me, like, a bit. It's over 4 years old methinks and harks back to when I was a fresh faced PhD student writing scenarios instead of a PhD thesis. Still if anything it proves my wit hasn't improved with age.

Stuart Kerrigan, at 22, likes to think he brings youth, enthusiasm and good looks to the team that it simply couldn't do without. Born in Jedburgh, Scotland (a place that boasts "The Last Shop in Scotland") he has been roleplaying ever since the fateful day 12 years ago when hepicked up the Basic Set in Beatties model shop, Aberdeen. Since then Stuart has been hooked on roleplaying and has the death sentence on twelve systems(including D&D 3rd Ed). He currently roleplays regularly at Dundee University and allegedly works there on a PhD in Computer Vision when not writing 100-word bios.

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