Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Dr. Sordid started this, so I thought I'd give my answers.

Four jobs you've had in your life:
Cashier - Cashier at the Carnoustie golf open at the restaurant catering to the famous (well Ronnie Corbert).

Summer Internship at NCR Dundee - Packed into a cubicle working on a demo project for the sales team I was pretty well paid as a student (over £200 a week), given flexi-time and left on my own to the extent where one day I left to go shopping all day while my bosses/colleagues were all in Canada and not one person noticed. Shame about the two bus trips to get to work, but it was fun to create something people actually used - next year's interns ended up expanding it further!

ATM Tester at NCR Dundee - A year later, after my degree, I got this job. Best I could get at the time. I was sat by an ATM, making less money than an intern, working from 7am (which made the two busrides into work and back real fun!) and watching everyone slowly turn into a zombie from the monotony of the job. I only did it for 2 weeks thankfully, but it was pretty hellish all round.

Demonstrator in Computer Science - Current job. Teaching and shaping the future of computer science in my image.

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Lord of the Rings - all 3 of them.

Highlander Endgame - there's just something really cool in this with an intense duel akin to the fight in the 1st Star Wars films. And it's one good guy verses the other. Considered a total B-movie by some. Loved by me... especially the "One of us must die old friend..." sequence.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - all 3 again, though Return of the Jedi is my favourite. Or was... need to re-evaluate it. Revenge of the Sith is also pretty damn cool.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Genius, just pure genius!

Four places you've lived:
Jedburgh, Scotland- border village in Scotland named with the "last/first" shop in Scotland.

Monifieth, Scotland - it's been home for far too long. 15 years!

The Dump, Ullswater St., Leicester - it was a health and safety nightmare, the fridges exploded, the gas leaked, the smoke detectors were always low on battery outside my room and always judiciously positioned over the chasm that was a stairhead. Thankfully I moved and more thankfully it's allegedly refurbished for the poor saps paying over the odds for a bed in that deathtrap.

Casa Al, Leicester - live here as a lodger at the moment, though I'm not planning on making a habit of it.

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Battlestar Galactica - Blackhawk Down meets Star Trek but with more intrigue and moral amibiguity.

Highlander the TV Show - lot of scope, lot of history, lot of swordfights. If it was made today with production values of contemporary sci-fi like BSG it would be perfect.

Rome - historical drama with no holds barred. There should be more shows like this.

Lost - Intriguing, character-driven and far too addictive.

Four places you've been on holiday:

I only got my passport this year...

Shetlands - very nice, good food, good people, interesting weather.

Newquay - good surfing before it became Chavland.

Blackpool - good fun before it became Chavland.

Dublin - pizza is the new potato over there (so the locals told me so don't stone me). Lovely town, with all the benefits of a capital city and less of the drawbacks.

Four websites you visit daily:
Wikipedia - yeah, me too.
blogspot.com - I read other folks blogs here.
strike-to-stun - WFRP website.
imdb.com - got to get pointless movie trivia from somewhere

Four of your favourite foods:
Pizza - especially Domino's or Pizza Hut.
Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pud - since moving to England I've developed quite a taste for it. Lucky for me!
Dinosaur Legs - this is what I call a chicken leg supper from the Monifieth chipper. There's nothing quite like it (in England anyway).
Prawn Cocktail - a great starter for a classy meal.

Four places you'd rather be:

Living in Glasgow or Edinburgh - close to home, but not too close, or ridiculously far like Leicester.
New Orleans, 2004 - I was going to go, honestly.
Paris - I plan to do some sightseeing here at some point.
Las Vegas - hear it's real cheap to visit there if you don't gamble.

Four albums you can't live without:
Not really a music person, but I love movie soundtracks that stir the imagination. And Queen.

Queen's Greatest Hits 2 - best songs ever. I would also try to hide Greatest Hits 1 in the sleeve as well simply for Flaaassshh, ahh...

Complete Lord of the Rings - not your 1 disc jobbie, I mean the 3 CDs that give you the complete score for each film, meaning 9 discs for the entire trilogy.

Complete Star Wars Soundtrack - as above, but 2 discs per movie.

Nox Arcana: Necronomicon - not a Goth but some of this stuff really works when you are driving at night.

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