Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all. Spent the evening in Broughty Ferry drinking with Steve and his good lady until the wee hours of the morning before returning home and drunkenly spilling beer on my parent's floor and first-footing them without a bottle.

2005 was a pretty crappy year for the world as a whole, an interesting one for me and yet it fell short of my somewhat lofty expectations for the move and new job. 2006 should be good - I've made a pretty challening New Year's resolution and I plan on making a lot of changes in January, as well as eventually looking for a new and better job now I have some experience at this work thang.


Anonymous said...

what's the resolution then stu?

don't keep us all in suspense.....

Anonymous said...

oh and happy 2006 btw!

when do you head back to the Bad Place?