Wednesday, March 25, 2009

xkcd is real!

I have to admit this cartoon struck a chord with me as it literally happened to me the other fortnight. I had this bizarre dream I was in an English exam and was suffering extreme writers cramp as it's been far too long since anyone made me write an essay by hand. Then for some bizarre reason I decided to ask the invigilator if I could use the bathroom (feeling especially ashamed as never once in an exam have I had to bother the invigilators).

Then things got a bit more bizarre...

Rather than going to the bathroom I discovered I was in fact in the little woods near my home in Monifieth, trapped down a steep slope by the riverbanks and struggling to climb back up due to the writer's cramp. Somehow I managed to get back to the exam room and write my essay, which I just knew was really rubbish and didn't answer the question at all.

Then I woke up, remembering I'd graduated. Twice. Not in English.

I'm sure you really needed to know this.

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Lindsey said...

I have a recurring dream in which I have to back to high school because my O Grade results were wrong and thus void every exam I've ever passed since then. The horror, the horror - surrounded by fourteen year girls and being taught by teachers ten years younger than me and who regularly get their facts wrong but won't believe me when I say they're wrong because my only O Grade is in Arithmetic.